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Seekers' Talk is a podcast hosted by Mazyar Sharifian and Shreyans Zaveri. In this podcast they talk about art, science and spirituality. They discuss and explore how these different fields converge in a trinity and they try to see and understand the various patterns that form around these subjects. Mazyar is a visual effects artist and filmmaker, and Shreyans is an author and filmmaker.

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Mazyar Sharifian was born and raised in Iran. He has an inborn inclination towards cultivating new ideas. His education ranges from Engineering to a Master's degree in Visual Effects. He turned his passion for films into his profession by making short films and video arts and currently is working with a major Hollywood studio. You can follow his work by visiting his website or check out his filmography.

Shreyans Zaveri was born and raised in India. He hails from Bombay (present day Mumbai). From an early age, Shreyans was inclined towards telling stories. His work, through his novels and filmmaking, reflect that passion. He has written two widely acclaimed novels and is working to create more. His education interests range from Science to Philosophy and Visual effects. He currently works on commercials for major tech giants in the Silicon Valley area. You can read more about his work and connect with him through imdb or his website.

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